User experience for complex systems and processes

Good management systems UX creates an accessible bridge between the user and the system. The challenge is to create a consistent and simple language. To create a surprising and satisfying experience for the user, to deliver a system that saves time and allows full execution of tasks quickly and efficiently.

Organizational admin and management panel

In this project, we characterized the UX and visibility of a management & control system used by a large and diverse number of teams in a broad-based organization. The system is used for gathering real-time information, and documentation using various control panels, each panel has a different role in the system. Each user, according to his role and authorities assigned to him, uses different panels in his daily work.

Status and cargo management system

Maman is the operator of the cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport, and the main provider of ground and logistics services at Israeli airports. Maman’s technology team contacted us with the need to refresh and renew the online cargo management system, which the company makes available to hundreds of thousands of users in the import and export industry: couriers, import-export, logistics teams, etc.

#UX Strategy #IA UI design

This system was built as the basis for over 20 different systems in the organization. We chose to start with an information management system due to it being relevant to a large majority of people in the organization. The project was full of challenges due to content sensitivity, multiple levels of authorization and more. Thanks to deep research, conducting interviews and in-depth usability tests, we arrived at a product that is a powerful, versatile template for the various organizational units.

#UX characterisation #IA #Usabilty

For Sayata’s web application project we created UX characterisation, design and optimisation of the tools, processes and the exceptional Sayata platform which streamlines the bidding process and enables insurance professionals to issue commercial risk insurance policies, smoothly and automatically. We started the process by creating a sorted, cataloged database of all the various components. The database was divided into categories such as: registration, forms, processes and scenarios, elements and components etc.

As part of an online accessibility program of the municipality’s services to its residents, the Jerusalem Municipality contacted us with a growing need for a registering system for kindergarten children. One major challenge was in defining the target audience which is diverse and wide; in age ranges: young parents, adults, in special needs: divorced parents, parents of children with disabilities, and in sectors: religious, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, secular, etc.
In this project, we created the UX characterization and design for a status of requests system. This digital tool caters to a wide range of audiences: residents, contractors, business owners, and anyone interested in filing a request or has filed one in the past and allows users to locate their requests via various parameters and check its status.
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You already have a digital product, but it needs love and attention? We are here to breathe life into it, add new features to it, give you easy access to content management, make it user-friendly, search engines, and of course, mobile devices.
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In the work process advanced stages there is an important step, often overlooked, the quality control. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality graphic design and therefore in the quality control step we will expose and neutralize any hidden vulnerabilities.
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From a tight creative strategy to a graphic design that dominates all media; Printing, Web and Interactive – We provide the high quality services of a large advertising agency but without the fussy bureaucracy and heavy budget.
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In-depth research into your business is critical as a preliminary step to your product design and development process. Each of our projects begins with a comprehensive study of competitors, in your field and in parallel ones with a gathering of references as a basis for proper characterization of the end products.
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Every good product starts with a meticulous, user and market driven strategy. It is the basis of a proper product life cycle. Formulating the vision, setting goals in measurable terms, detailing the initiatives needed to optimize your business performance and aligning all staff members.
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No matter if your business is small, large or growing, with a neat brand book and comprehensive guidelines and with reference to the characteristics of all current and future brand products, we will maintain your brand integrity with every team member and supplier for years to come.