Our Process

Our approach to innovation and up-to-dateness combined with our knowledge and expertise achieve real results. We begin our joint journey and create a framework and research methodology that reveals what lies beneath the surface allowing us to evoke critical insights. This brings radical changes and allows free flow of new solutions.


Research and road start

We gather as much information as possible and conduct in-depth research about your product environment, competitors & goals.
The research phase is the main one in the process and it’s where your involvement is critical, with the help of shared conversations and meetings to start the project, we equipped ourselves with the right data that will pave the way for the next steps.


Asking and answering important questions, interviewing Users, team building, process formation, Budgets, schedules, roadmap and creation of the preliminary products characterisation.
In parallel with these actions, we will start moving the wheels of creation, compare solutions and select options with high potential for the most successful effect.

product category

A round of wireframes design and creating a prototype as a live example allowing an initial impression of the different scenarios.
After several rounds and discussion sessions, we will formulate a complete and accurate product characterisation: hierarchies, flow and optimisation of scenarios, site map, usability upgrade and micro-copy. This prototype is the basis for visual design and usability testing, later in the process.

Product design

A round of visual sketches for key parts of the product. Presenting selected designs in a high level of finish and with hierarchies, color scale, grid and fonts.
The design will also feature elements such as: forms, floating menus, pop-ups, etc. And will contain graphic elements, such as: infographics for accessibility and illustration of complex information, interactive components, images, icons and more.

Code and development

Our developers are involved right from the start, allowing for seamless development and full functionality in early stages.
Front-end; back-end, responsivity, mobile adjustability, ios, Android. At this stage, technical operations will be performed, such as choosing maintenance and hosting services, populating content, testing browsers, usability and devices. We carry out the development in the studio’s “sandbox” domain, so as not to harm the integrity of the customer’s domain and search engine optimisation. The transfer of the product to the customer domain happens at the launch stage.

Quality Control

Throughout all stages of the process and upon completion, we perform graphical quality control and rounds of usability testing and user feedback. Collecting this data allows us to create detailed QA documents with consulting and identifying bugs and potential product parts for upgrading and improvement.
Depending on the QA we apply and repeat the process as needed. The quality control phase is especially critical when the development is not done in the studio and allows the integrity of the products to remain intact.

The Launching!

The moment we have been waiting for – the launch moment has arrived! Your new product is ready to go out into the world!
At this point we will move the site to your domain, connect it to integrated systems and perform final tests, making sure everything is perfect 🙂

What can we give you?

Consult and upgrade an existing product
You already have a digital product, but it needs love and attention? We are here to breathe life into it, add new features to it, give you easy access to content management, make it user-friendly, search engines, and of course, mobile devices.
Graphic quality assurance
In the work process advanced stages there is an important step, often overlooked, the quality control. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality graphic design and therefore in the quality control step we will expose and neutralize any hidden vulnerabilities.
Marketing Materials Design
From a tight creative strategy to a graphic design that dominates all media; Printing, Web and Interactive – We provide the high quality services of a large advertising agency but without the fussy bureaucracy and heavy budget.
Market and Competitors Research
In-depth research into your business is critical as a preliminary step to your product design and development process. Each of our projects begins with a comprehensive study of competitors, in your field and in parallel ones with a gathering of references as a basis for proper characterization of the end products.
Product and Brand Strategy
Every good product starts with a meticulous, user and market driven strategy. It is the basis of a proper product life cycle. Formulating the vision, setting goals in measurable terms, detailing the initiatives needed to optimize your business performance and aligning all staff members.
Brand guidelines Book
No matter if your business is small, large or growing, with a neat brand book and comprehensive guidelines and with reference to the characteristics of all current and future brand products, we will maintain your brand integrity with every team member and supplier for years to come.