This product is one of the largest and most important in the organization in question and serves many different users on a daily basis. The organization built it for many years while trying to maintain the forefront of technology and solutions but faced many difficulties in creating uniformity and a good user experience.
The product serves many personas, and requires personalization that will allow different and unique accessibility for personal needs in order to optimize work and processes.

At this stage there was a need for a major and serious change in visibility, in the user experience, in finding different technological solutions for the purpose of streamlining the system and its functioning.
This is where I step in.


End-to-end senior product designer. UX Researcher. UI designer and deception making.


Working side by side with a Product manger and content.


Working side by side with a Product manger and content.

Organizational admin and management product​

* Due to confidentiality, the designs will be presented in an abstract form and without the texts that actually appear.

Admin panel and management system

In this project, we characterized the ux and visibility of a management and control system used by a large and diverse number of teams in a broad-based organization. The system is used for gathering real-time information, and documentation using various control panels, each panel has a different role in the system. Each user, according to his role and authorities assigned to him, uses different panels in his daily work. Due to the confidential nature of the system, we chose to expand in writing about a part of the system – The Admin Panel, which allows users to initiate a project, set schedules, geographical locations, establish requirements and manage the project up to the last detail, anytime from anywhere.

Task Gantt

The content for the system was submitted to the studio as a very long to-do list along with requirements for each task. In our content characterization process we formulated a number of scenarios that allow usability flow, the main was the Gantt, on which the user can organize the chronology of tasks and divide it into different teams with color coding.

Calendar Management

Project definition starts on a calendar in which the user sets dates and hours for it. Upon creating the project the user moves on to the next stage presented as a Gantt.

Staff and resources acquisition

The system allows the project manager to allocate the various tasks to staff members, allocate required resources, recruit staff according to different departments, salary characteristics etc. Assign schedules and prioritizing tasks, manage staff lodging according to the project duration etc.

Map view

The map view allows to indicate important locations, assigning staff members to their required locations and embedding other data which affects the project in real time.

Real-time data updating

At any time, data, statuses, updates and requirements are continuously accessible to the project manager. Staff members can respond to recruitment requests and update their availability. In the event of a need for reinforcement and resources, schedule changes etc., the project manager can respond immediately via the control panel.

Compliance with standards

The project manager can define the various regulations, permits and restrictions for a project, this function helps in adhering Compliance.

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