Jerusalem Municipality - Registration system for kindergartens

Requirements and challenges

As part of an online accessibility program of the municipality’s services to its residents, the Jerusalem Municipality contacted us with a growing need for a registering system for kindergarten children. One major challenge was in defining the target audience which is diverse and wide; in age ranges: young parents, adults, in special needs: divorced parents, parents of children with disabilities, and in sectors: religious, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, secular, etc. Another important challenge we took into account was the fact that an annual registration is done within a limited time window of 20 days, this can massively overload the system and emphasizes the need to create a convenient, inviting and accessible registration process for the parent.
The registration process is multi-stage and branched, in some parts it requires filling out and uploading various forms, for example: addressing children with disabilities or medical problems needs,addressing the event of divorced parents that are living in separate areas, choosing kindergarten type (state, religious, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, etc.). Choosing a location, with possibility of first and second priority, addressing parents interested in daycare etc.

Main solutions to the project challenges

  • Pinned Indicators for easy orientation
  • Fully compatible mobile design
  • Accessibility for multi-sectoral & diverse audience
  • Creating accessibility of a multi-step, branched process
  • Detailed guideline document and for dev.

Strict content characterization as foundation for seamless UX

In the content characterization phase, we created a solution to the multiplicity of stages and ramifications of the user’s process, we divided the content into three main stages: identification, Kindergarten selection and completion & approval. We strengthened user orientation by adding underlying indicators which show the user’s progress of registration, display data entered and allow skipping between stages for content editing.
The contents of each step in the registration process are complex, with multi-categories and sub-categories, this complexity required a fully customizable design for mobile behavior – with all its difference from desktop, we developed methods and solutions for different parts of the process in mobile such as tik boxes, hidden content, relocating main elements etc.

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