Status and cargo management system

Maman is the operator of the cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport, and the main provider of ground and logistics services at Israeli airports. Maman’s technology team contacted us with the need to refresh and renew the online cargo management system, which the company makes available to hundreds of thousands of users in the import and export industry: couriers, import-export, logistics teams, etc.

The Challenge of the Veteran User

The original system was outdated and required a general overhaul and alignment with modern management systems, however it was important to remain loyal to the system’s long-time users and to make component locations and core features they have known for years accessible to them. With the help of the development team we extracted statistics, scenarios and user insights of the old system and thus identified problems, deficiencies and components that require attention.

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A control panel for all user types

The system offers a wide range of complex operations: in the event of a casual user entering, it is possible to track a bill of lading, check the flight schedule and calculate fees. A registered user login allows for wider operations, such as: user data history, my bills of lading status, my calendar, issuance of various certificates and reports, queue management, personal messages and other personal user data. We have formulated an optimal solution for the multiplicity and complexity of functions by creating a panel that allows users a quick look at their data and even before performing basic operations the panel presents important content and assists in user orientation. For search results we created a timeline with color coding, which indicates the bill of lading status.

Main characteristics of the project

  • Web app
  • Angular / React
  • Prototype design
  • Information architecture
  • User research
  • Admin panel
  • Content characterization
We designed the new system as a web application, allowing easy access from any device, without the need for installation, with quick user access and the ability to locate bills of lading quickly and easily from anywhere.

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