UX characterisation | The Allseated website

We have known Allseated for several years now, the company provides digital services to the event planning sector and, when it comes to technological innovation, the Allseated team has always been several steps ahead of its competitors. We first met before the launch of the new brand, with its renewal there was a demand for a new and more accurate construction of the UX on the company’s website.

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The research phase

We started our process with meeting and interviewing staff members, working closely with the branding agency, collecting analytics, conversion rates and SEO data, and info about competitors and the company’s brand marketing methods. We got to know the company’s different products and participated in demoes with the sales team who gave us lots of info about target audience processes.

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The products

With the large database we’ve gathered we were able to have quality brainstorming. After several wireframes sketching rounds, we presented selected screens to the client. Together we conducted an iterative process until we were satisfied with the results. The final wireframes, with detailed characterization document, were used by the design team and allowed a smooth transition to creating the actual new website.

#content characterisation #UX characterisation #data archtecture

How Covid 19 Affects UX

The year after our UX work for Allseated was tough and challenging. it did not miss any sector, let alone the events planning sector and as a response to the significant shift in the nature of the world of events from physical to hybrid, Allseated developed new and innovative tools and a new hybrid events platform called eXvo. We then met again and were asked to create UX adjustments for the home page which brought a large flow of new users. We wanted to see how we can navigate this flow of users to the new eXvo product site.

In light of this ‘covid storm of changes’, we saw fit to rethink many of the work stages – we conducted a new competitor’s research and found a large selection of new competitors and identified recent market fluctuations. We collected up-to-date analytics data and talked to staff to hear how they were influenced by the changes and what were the new requirements. We identified new hierarchies and objectives and at the end of the process we created new wireframes tailored to the spirit of the time.

#UX strategy #Usability #user research #user interviews