Sheatufim toolbox ux ui design and dev

Showcasing years of knowledge and experience in one platform

The organization has been initiating and accompanying social influence processes for over 15 years. They develop professional tools, chart a path for inter-sectoral initiatives and lead to outstanding results. After many years of work, a need arose for the organization to share, with its audiences, the variety of processes, the rich toolbox and the vast knowledge and experience gained by the organization. The platform we created in this project addresses all these needs.

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In-depth content characterization

As with any project, it was important for us to dedicate a major part of our process to content characterization. We gathered all of the org’s contents into a large, impressive database of processes and tools. On the basis of this database, we built an infrastructure that enables easy and inviting reading of the content and emphasizes the richness of the organization’s activities. After in-depth research and characterization we have arrived at the formulation of the main conceptual and visual principle: People, people from all sectors, groups and communities enjoy the results of the organization’s hard work. People are at the heart of the organization’s vision. We got to utilize our different skills along the Different stages: formulating an illustrative, colorful language conveying lightness and warmth, using infographic elements that allow easy presentation of numbers and data and also developing components which optimize hierarchy of content and encourage user interaction, for example: horizontal scrolling, gradual exposure of content, animation etc.

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