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The Nevet Brand

8,000 sandwiches per day, 146 municipalities, 1.3 million sandwiches per year. And this is only the beginning for Nevet, the first organisation of its kind in Israel, which ensures that there are no more hungry schoolchildren in Israel. In accordance with the term “Nevet”,meaning “sprout”, we have integrated a colourful system that supports the association’s work for the growth and prosperity of Israeli children wherever they may be.

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A Sandwich For Every Child

We created a coherent brand for Nevet, faithful to it’a goals and serves its vision throughout the media. We formulated a powerful tagline “Children Satisfied for Success”. On the surface, Nevet simply provides sandwiches and nutrition to schoolchildren, while in a deeper aspect Nevet provides a much larger value, it realizes dreams and promises a better future for the children of Israel.