Admin Panel Design and strategy | UX UI

A Corporate Admin Platform

The platform’s main goal was to provide service and support to its users – employees working in the industry. The admin provides them with leisure time activity offers. The site allows you to purchase tickets for various events, workshops and recreational activities, and presents the user with a snapshot of his personal profile page: credit points, expenses, activity history. Users can keep up-to-date with news from the industry and different topics which personally interest them. Users also receive online service from back end management and staff.

# Strategic UX # Concept # UI design

Iteration is key

Strategy & characterisation process was led by a main objective – creating a platform that allows seamless user experience on both sides: the end users (the industry’s employees) and the system administrators (staff and service providers). Due to our integrative approach, as part of the process, we conducted several rounds of discussion and research with end users, these rounds generated conclusions and answers that contributed greatly to optimising usability and characterising the platform tightly and effectively. Throughout the entire project, we accompanied the staff with consultation and QA sessions up until the platform was fully launched.