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Nevet Non-profit organization Branding design

About This Project

8,000 sandwiches a day, 146 municipalities, 1.3 million sandwiches a year. And this is just the beginning for the brilliant Non-profit organization – Nevet – with it’s blessed and important manifesto of making sure that there will be no hungry school children in all of Israel. The Hebrew word Nevet, meaning sprout – In our work we combined a fresh color scheme which supports the organization’s work for the sake of growth and prosperity of all the children of Israel, wherever they are. Along with a powerful slogan “Breakfast for success” we created a coherent Brand which faithfully serves the organization’s goals and vision. To the naked eye Nevet merely provides a sandwich, but really, Nevet provides the realization of dreams and a promising future for the children of Israel. We in Studio Orenso are extremely proud to be taking part at such an important project.